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November 11, 2013

Newsletter 11-11

♥   Reading ♥  Reading ♥  Reading ♥   Reading  ♥

Last week the students read from the genre of ‘stories’.  Our reading carried over into our writing in which the students learned that stories have a beginning, middle, and an end, characters, and a series of events.

Within the last few weeks we also read and studied the genre of folktales.  We discussed familiar folktales and the way a typical folktale begins: Once upon a time.  The students even began to use these oh so familiar words in their writing throughout the week!  We also continued to discuss the words used to sequence the events in a story; first, then, finally, etc.

In Writing we have been creating fall themed stories.  The students have been very creative and excited to write.  We currently have our scarecrow writings displayed in the hall for all to enjoy.  Our writing skill last week was continuing to organize our thoughts into a cohesive writing piece.  Students also displayed their ability to correctly insert dialogue with quotation marks and commas.

     Spelling Words

2nd Grade                                                        3rd Grade

Spelling skill:                                                    Spelling skill:

Words with ar                                                   Words with ou

1. bar                                                                  1. crown

2. jar                                                                  2. proud

3. star                                                                 3. however

4. farm                                                                4. count

5. harm                                                               5. crowded

6. charm                                                             6. around

7. dark                                                                7. south

8. remark                                                            8. loud

9. sparkle                                                           9. house

10. alarm                                                           10. shouted

11. fourteen                                                       11. howl

12. source                                                         12. growl

13. between                                                      13. bounce

14. enough                                                        14. fountain

15. idea                                                              15. sound

Dictation Sentence:

2nd: Look at the star sparkle.

3rd: Listen to the sound of the loud howl.

♥   Math   ♥   Math   ♥   Math   ♥    Math   ♥  Math  ♥

The students have been learning more tricks for mental computations.  For our fact practices this week, the students all decided it would be a great idea to ‘race the teacher’!  It is amazing the joy the students get from this!!  We have also continued to work on money and beginning some geometry concepts (types of lines).  The students had a blast creating the geometric lines with their bodies!

♥    Science    ♥    Social Studies    ♥    Science   ♥

Science has consisted of studying animal structures and how/why scientists classify and group animals.  These studies were recently wrapped up with a chapter test in which the students all did well.  We will be continue our studies on plants and animals throughout the weeks to come.

In Social Studies we have been learning about the government and its purpose; both local and national.  We have a lot of activities planned to help the students understand these complex concepts!!

♥  Religion  ♥  Religion  ♥  Religion  ♥  Religion  ♥

This weeks verse:

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

 John 3:16

God’s Blessings on a great week.

In Him,

Sara Boettger